Why come to El Asador...

El Asador is a family-run restaurant with a dream of sharing authentic Argentinian food with Perth. We’re deeply passionate about the traditional flavours and gourmet flare of Latin American cuisine, something we’ve worked long and hard to perfect. Our kitchen is lead by the talented Max Pineiro, an Argentinian-born and Australian-raised Asador. The flavours of his homeland are synonymous with his cooking and those delicious traditions can be savoured at our casual restaurant on Bulwer Street. We specialise in Argentinian asado, which is the art of grilled barbeque. In Argentina, asado is a way of life and we endeavour to replicate that craft. Our traditional charcoal parrilla is fired up every service with locally-sourced wood, giving smokey flavour to our speciality meat cuts of beef, chicken, pork and chorizo. High-quality produce from throughout Western Australian drives our menu, which also includes signature delights like handmade empanadas and fresh chimichurri sauce. Alongside the food, We are a fully licenced venue, as is friendly service and genuine hospitality. We welcome you to dine at El Asador and invite you to feast with us, Argentinian-style!

Meet the Asador

“Para mi gente, para toda la gente”

“For my people, for all the people.”

Born in Argentina to Uruguayan parents, Max Pineiro may have left Argentina for Australia as a child, but his homeland has never truly left him. Arriving on Aussie shores, Max grew up in New South Wales in a South American neighbourhood. Max’s family and community still carried on their traditions – and, most importantly, still cooked the Argentinian way.

In Argentina, preparing an asado, or barbecue, is not just cooking meat, it’s a way of life. Here at El Asador we bring this tradition alive in our cosy neighbourhood parrillada. We fire up our giant parrilla with locally sourced wood for that authentic smoky flavour and cook from our range of specialty meat cuts, chorizo and chimichurri sauces. We serve these with our extensive range of entrees, salads, pastries and sweets, which we prepare by hand using local ingredients.

Its all about family recipes. From us to you.

El Asador translates to ‘the barbecuer’. Walking in, you can’t miss the traditional Argentinian barbecue or parrilla, which is the central focus of the space and also the menu. The food draws on traditional Argentinian recipes of Max’s youth including customary Argentinian barbecue gastronomic delights such as asado (beef ribs), grilled chorizo, and morcilla (blood sausage) all served with his own recipe  chimichurri sauce. Also featured are handmade empanadas, fresh salads, burgers and rolls. El Asador also offers a range of housemade sweet desserts and pastries.

At El Asador, we want our customers to be able to experience Argentinian cuisine with their own families.

The Food